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Isn’t it time you started doing things a little bit differently. Become the best version of you.

Conventional Thinking

….Gets you an education, a job, a pension, an expanding waistline & lifelong ill-health. They’re the rules of the herd. The reward for your endeavours is misery, boredom, crap habits & poor performance. Hardly inspiring.

You’re Unique

You’re looking for impact… to be different. You’ve always followed the herd. It’s got you nowhere. Your health, career & lifestyle are sinking into oblivion. It’s time you became the real version of you. It’s not too late!

Dare to be Different

…I’m no expert, but I do know I can help you stand apart from the crowd & become the confident, fit, successful modern rebel you really are. Sign-up for our FREE Dare to be a Rebel Challenge to find out how. It’s your decision.

How the ‘Dare to be a Rebel’ Challenge will Help….

  • Pinpoint exactly where you’ve been going wrong.
  • Find out what works for you through experimentation.
  • Give you the confidence to differentiate.
  • You’re part of a two-way conversation – you and me.

It’s Perfectly Suited for….

  • Tired, stressed & lost 20+ year old males looking for change.
  • Overweight men looking to transform their bodies & health.
  • Frustrated professionals who’ve become ineffective in life.
  • Despondent entrepreneurs looking for killer strategies.
Rebel Male
Hey, I’m David G & the founder of Rebel Male. I’m just a regular guy from the UK trying to be different from the herd – that’s the Rebel in me!

It’s easy to conform. But in my humble opinion, that often leads to a miserable existence….. overweight, crap job, poor relationships, stressed, ineffective – basically, not being true to who you really are.

That’s where I think I can help. I have the answers. I’m not trying to show off. I can be pretty candid at times, and certainly a little unconventional with my approach.

But with Rebel Male, I hope to share with you my experiences, strategies and frameworks with full transparency…. to help you become the best version of you.

Here Are Thirty Powerful Things You’ll Learn……

– Effortless weight loss with Paleo
– How to start an online biz for 100 bucks
– Challenge yourself to turn pro
– Replace destructive habits in 21+ days
– Know why chronic cardio makes you fat
– Why society has lied to you for years
– Nail your business through testing
– Discover the importance of sleep
– How to be a strategic time-rich founder
– The role of nutrition in mental health

– Differentiate yourself from the herd
– Be so good they can’t ignore you
– Why eating grains makes you fat
– How to package knowledge that sells
– Myths about cholesterol & fats
– What’s making you bloody miserable
– How to eliminate crap from your day
– Why you shouldn’t follow your passion
– Create muscle via bodyweight training
– Focus on the now not on the outcome

– Become ruthless without being an ass
– Minimum workouts for max returns
– Discover the success secrets of CEOs
– Stop living the life of those around you
– Increase the probability of biz success
– Create the mind & body of a 21 year old
– Live life on your terms
– Protect 2 hrs/day & do really great work
– Hack your way to optimum health
– Find out how to leverage your strengths

Are You Ready To Live Life On Your Terms?

Discover How You Can Transform Your Lifestyle, Your Body And Your Business

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Get Started With The Dare to be a Rebel Challenge

Isn’t it time you started doing things a little bit differently. Become the best version of you.