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Become a 24-7 Fat Burning Machine

The standard Western diet has conditioned your body to preferentially burn sugar whilst storing fat. Inside the Kick-Starter Kit, you’ll going to discover how you can quickly transform your body into a 24-7 fat burning machine, including:

  • the foods you must eliminate, and the foods you must eat, to help you lose weight.

  • the ‘fat hormone’ you can easily control by eating the foods you were designed to eat.

  • why losing the excess fat Fitness Rebel-style isn’t about food deprivation.

  • how to eat for nourishment rather than novelty and pleasure.

  • how to control your hunger, energy, and blood-glucose levels by avoiding this silent killer.

Never Suffer Another Boring Cardio Session

Ever wonder why the guys and girls you see for hours on end slogging away on the treadmill seem to get….. even fatter with time? It’s certainly not through a lack of trying. Inside, you’ll discover the right ways to exercise to shift the fat, including:

  • why chronic cardio causes you to consume more calories than you actually burn.

  • why regular walking every day is far healthier (for your brain and your body) than chronic cardio.

  • how weekly short sprint sessions (max 15 min) does wonders for your fat burning.

  • the incredible impact regular 15 min resistance workouts can have on your strength and fitness.

  • the four basic exercises that’ll strengthen your core.

Improved Energy, Sleep And Amazing Health

Eating the right foods and doing the right exercises on a regular basis has far reaching implications beyond losing the excess fat from your belly! You’ll get the facts inside your copy of the Fitness Rebel Kick-Starter Kit, including:

  • why roller-coaster energy levels will become a thing of the past as you maintain high energy.

  • the quality of your sleep will dramatically improve. This itself is a game changer for most people.

  • why living the lifestyle of the Fitness Rebel will help you avoid long-term chronic disease including diabetes, cancer, cardio-vascular disease, etc.

  • watch your confidence soar as you’ll look fit and lean, perform better in the office, and on the sports field.

Accountability with MeasureUP!

To help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals you’re going to need some extra help along the way. Willpower won’t get you there alone. You’re going to find out about the often missing link in sustained transformation, including:

  • the importance of psychology in creating positive habits.

  • how to overcome your ability to self-sabotage to ensure your weight loss is permanent.

  • the importance of how accountability can improve your chances of success.

  • how, with the help of our MeasureUP! software, you can track your progress.

  • bring out your alpha-male and track your performance against other like-minded souls.

Hey, I'm David... the founding 'Rebel Male'. In my younger days, I was fit and lean. I was soccer mad and played to a semi-pro standard. I've always had a healthy obsession with nutrition, fitness and mindset which was helped with first a degree, and then a PhD, in Chemistry.

But then I got a job.... and the pounds began to pile on. It hit my confidence real hard. It took me years to get back in shape. But I did! But not by following the so-called experts. I felt cheated by the BS that I was told.

I want you to live your best life… and that starts with feeling great about your body and your fitness. Hey, if you’re one of those battle-weary overweight job-types looking for lasting change, and are willing to say SCREW IT to conventional wisdom (INSANITY!), then we’re gonna be friends.

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