Your lack of energy & drive frustrates you. Those extra few (or tens of) pounds of fat residing round your waistline are killing your confidence. Your health & fitness have deteriorated gradually over recent years. It didn’t bother you at first, but when you look in the mirror, you’re not particularly impressed with what you see. You look like crap. You don’t exactly jump out of bed in the morning with a spring in your step. YOU FEEL LIKE CRAP. And after a few presses of the snooze button later, you literally crawl out of bed.

It’s hardly an inspiring lifestyle is it! You’ve literally embarrassed about WHO you are and WHAT you’ve become. It doesn’t matter how old, unfit, or overweight you are, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can initiate change right now. May be you need a little push? …. a light at the end of the tunnel? …. or a healthy lifestyle strategy that actually works?…. and doesn’t rely on the word RESTRICTIVE or DIET. That’s where this article will help. It’s time to get serious…. letting life pass you by without feeling or looking your best is a great way to fade away into oblivion.


So let’s get started. Let me introduce you to the Paleo or Primal Lifestyle. I love it. It’s not restrictive. It’s not a diet. It’s a great way to lose weight. It’s a great way to develop fitness. It reduces bouts of illness…. and… and….and….


Everything You Need to Know About Eating Paleo Style

Eating Paleo is a simple concept to grasp…. basically, it means to eat exactly like our ancestors did! Eat how we are genetically wired to eat. Eat foods that are NOT processed AND NOT modified in any way. This is exactly how our bodies are meant to be fueled. It’s exactly how our ancestors ate thousands of years ago.

It’s exactly the OPPOSITE to the typical Western diet we abuse our bodies with today, i.e. sugars, grains, sodas, processed fats, etc. Is it any wonder our society is literally sick, fat & completely out of shape…. & completely unhappy & completely unhealthy as a result. Think of the modern illnesses you hear about every day – cancer, heart disease & Type-2 diabetes, etc. Do you think that our Paleolithic ancestors had the same problems? Don’t think so!

Your garbage diet has a huge negative impact on your life. It’s literally changed who you are, & what you’re capable of achieving. Are you interested in fixing the issue? Here goes…. The first step is to simply eliminate processed foods from your diet. Instead, you need food that fuels, supports & develops your body – immune system, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, brain function & the major organs. This is exactly what the Paleo Diet accomplishes.

Here are the foods that you should eat with the Paleo diet…..

  • Meat
  • Seafood
  • Eggs
  • Vegetables
  • Healthy Fats (nuts, seeds, olive oil, coconut oil avocado, etc.)
  • Fruit


The rationale for these food types is simple. This is EXACTLY HOW our Paleolithic ancestors ate – we are genetically wired to eat these foods. And what’s even better, is that you can eat as much as you want! No restrictions. This is what is wrong (well one of the things anyway) with our modern culture. People believe that all calories are equal. They’re not. Carbohydrates have a greater tendency for the body to store fat. So forget the age-old principle of a high carbohydrate and low fat diet. It’s a HUGE MISTAKE & perhaps the biggest mistake of the 21st Century….

Conventional wisdom tells us to achieve weight loss through eating a high complex carbohydrate – low fat diet with very strict portion control & eating times. You’ll find out shortly that this isn’t quite true! So what did our ancestors actually look like? Well if I remember my history lessons at school correctly, there weren’t any obese cavemen! Our hunter – gatherer ancestors had lean, agile & athletic bodies. There were NO signs of the modern diseases that plague us today.


All Sounds Nice, But Where’s The Dairy, Sugar & Grains….

Let’s start with grains. They’re the biggest problem with your diet. In a nutshell, grains are gut irritants and grains make you fat! Have I got your attention? Grains containing gluten (i.e. wheat, barley and rye) cause gut irritation which inhibits food digestion. This leads to inflammation in our bodies which causes a host of different health problems.

May be more importantly is the fact that a diet high in grains plays havoc with our insulin levels leading to weight gain & is also a precursor to diabetes. Our ancestors DIDN’T EAT GRAINS. They stuck to a diet based on unprocessed foods. The introduction of agriculture has a lot to answer for in our dietary lifestyles of today.

At this point, I could hit the science or I could hit the reality. I’ll go for the latter (& leave the former for the more inquisitive and scientifically minded in other Paleo resources). What got me hooked was the following…. It simply worked! I lost weight & felt great. I’ve never been a huge fan of restrictive diets. They just don’t work. I was looking for something that easily fitted into my hectic lifestyle (my fault I know) WITHOUT the need for stupid eating habits or a ridiculous number of hours down the gym. I don’t even know how I heard about it. But I’ve never looked back. I was hooked. AND, it’s not just about eating like our ancestors. It’s also about creating a lifestyle around some of the principles upon which our ancestors lived. Let me explain….


….Starting With Exercise.

You see conventional wisdom tells us to get our butts down the gym &d do some chronic cardio for 30-45 minutes 3 times a week. THIS DOESN’T BURN FAT. You don’t lose weight. You just get hungry & sick as a result. Here’s a better way. Think about how our ancestors lived. I don’t think chronic cardio was on their agenda 3 times a week, do you? More likely they walked often, did some form of resistance activities a few times a week (playing, making shelter, etc.), & explosive movements (hitting the max, to avoid being killed by predators) rarely (once per week, perhaps).

So why not do something similar ourselves? You don’t need a gym for resistance training – you just need to be creative using your own body for resistance (e.g. plank, push-ups, squats, etc.). You don’t need a gym for chronic cardio…. in fact you should avoid chronic cardio; instead go for walks daily, with the family. And when you’re feeling great, hit the max with some short sprints once a week. Don’t believe me? Why not give it a shot…. you see & feel the difference.


….And Ending With Rest & Sleep.

I could, AND SHOULD, write a book on this. Our lives are literally killing us. We are constantly busy, on the go, getting stressed, answering phone calls, ‘doing e-mail’…. we simply don’t stop until we collapse in bed before the alarm clock jolts us a few hours later.

Is this YOU at YOUR PRODUCTIVE BEST? Absolutely not! You need to take time to rest and sleep. You need at least 7 hours every night. Your body needs time to recover. Your mind needs time to recover. You can’t do that whilst you’re constantly on the go. Think of your ancestors. Do you think they did the same? If you’re one of those guys that continually burns the midnight oil, then take a step back. Give it a try. For 7 days, sleep for 8 hours every night. See how you feel the following morning. It’s amazing – the clarity of thought & the energy that you have.


…. And Here’s My Result…

I lost my excess waistline in only a few months. I still wake up every day with more energy. I sleep better. I don’t have any sniffles. In a nutshell I feel ALIVE again.


….And What it Means For You…

Let me start by asking you this…. What have you got to lose? NOTHING. If you don’t like effortless fat loss or short bursts of exercise only a couple of days a week then suit yourself. Go back to your fat and unhealthy ways. But if you’re willing to give it a shot, the lifestyle changes will make you happier and healthier than you ever thought possible….. AND all this without ever going hungry.

So what are you going to do now? Let me know, below by adding a comment in the space below! Talk Soon — David.


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